In collaboration with one of our longest standing partners in Tanzania, Interteam, we launched in February 2018, a Community Based Rehabilitation programme targeted at People with Disabilities (PWD). This programme is aimed at increasing the awareness of the rights of PWDs within the local community as well as offering support, training and care.

Interteam are generously providing us with a grant to ensure that the health centre and eventually the community centre are accessible to all members of the community, especially PWDs. Currently, even the basic health facilities in the area do not specifically cater to PWDs and as such, they often find it difficult to access even the most basic of healthcare, already provisioned. We have planned a number of goals to help PWDs gain more health services from the community.

Health Goals

-  Kamanga Health Centre has been expressly designed with PWDs in mind. In conjunction with Interteam and MSAADA we have planned the entire health centre to be easily accessible.

-  We have begun an outreach service to provide quality healthcare for those unable or unwilling to attend Kamanga Health Centre.

- We have provided the health centre with wheelchairs in order to facilitate the movement of both patients and PWDs around the centre.

- We have created a small road, to lead from the main road to Kamanga Health Centre, in order to ease access for PWDs.

- We will be distributing tricycles to a number of individuals we have already identified in the community, thanks to the local PWD group CHAWATA, in order to facilitate access to the health centre from the village itself.


Community Empowerment Goals

- We will train both onsite and offsite health-workers, as well as the larger Cedar Foundation team in the specific and special needs that PWDs have as well as how to tackle them in a concrete way. This will largely be based on the research we are already conducting in the community.

- Training will not just be confined to our own staff, we are also planning a variety of educational tools in order for our community workers and healthcare providers to educate entire local community on how to help PWDs.

Training and Entrepreneurialism

- We have provided training for our outreach team to learn how to ride motorcycles efficiently and safely so they can cover more ground and provide a better service for those PWDs unable to attend the health centre.

- The CHAWATA group and other invested parties will also be provided with training in order for them to be fully able to integrate into the national programmes and processes for the empowerment and support of PWDs across Tanzania.

Overall Outcomes

As with most community based rehabilitation programmes administered by a professional international organisation, our aims for the programme can be described in the terms set out by the  World Health Organisations (WHO) established processes for a successful CBR project. All of our plans fit into the WHO approved project matrix for tackling the needs of PWDs effectively and in an encompassing manner. We are consulting with both MSAADA and Interteam on a regular basis so as to be completely up to date on best practice for the support of PWDs.