Celebration for Healthy Diet and Safe Water

Excitement hung in the air, the kids were buzzing, their parents and grandparents were on their way to the Upendo Klabu ya Watoto banda, some for the first time. They were going to witness them receiving their prizes for completing their course on safe water and healthy diet habits. And how did it go, you ask? Well Field Officer Kat says, “I thought it was a roaring success! The fact that the community, the mothers and Bibi’s (grandmothers) got together to cook delicious pilau rice for 50 odd people was just amazing. The kids loved the pictures of themselves and so did the parents, they were so grateful for them. They all clapped enthusiastically, it was a great day!”

And Assistant Field Officer Adbuli says, “It was the last day to meet together with the children in our club. And the biggest thing I noticed was that at the beginning of the day the kids were happy and excited but towards the end I saw a few sad faces as the realisation dawned on them that this was going to be their last time with us in the club. I’m so thankful to everyone, to the Cedar team who came to support us, to our Director, Mark who gave a speech in Swahili, and to Kat, who did the same, they did brilliantly! The parents and carers of the club kids showed great support by giving of their time to prepare all the food. I can truly say that it was a very good day for our team and for the villagers!”