Disabled Entrepreneurship Program

Meet Omary. He is married, a father of three, a bajaji taxi driver, and a carpenter. He is a well accomplished man and he is disabled. The two things do not always go together here in Mwanza, Tanzania. But Omary is challenging the statistics. He is the Secretary of CHAWATA – Chama Cha Walemavu Tanzania- “The Disabled People’s Party of Tanzania” both in his village of Kamanga and in the main town of Mwanza, which covers the whole Mwanza region. He told Abduli that he attended Mirongo School for the Disabled, when he was a young man - a school which instilled within him a sense of self-worth and determination, which has seen him accomplish all the above and more besides. Sadly Mirongo School for the Disabled closed down many years ago.

Omary is currently helping Kat and Abduli meet other disabled persons in the village as the preliminary step towards setting up Cedar Tanzania’s next project, looking at entrepreneurship amongst disabled people. Self-worth and determination are qualities that helped Omary get where he is today. Helping his fellow villagers who are also disabled get an understanding of that through Cedar Tanzania’s entrepreneurship program, is something that Omary is a strong advocate of.