Building the Kids Club Banda

It’s a simple structure, a “banda”. But it suffices to keep the kids of the, “Upendo Klabu ya Watoto” (‘Love the Children Club’) sheltered from the sun. Cedar Tanzania wanted to involve the parents in the “banda’s” construction, as a way of building relationships with them. Bibi K (not her real name) was one of the first ones to agree to help.

“She is our ‘go to’ person” Kat, Cedar’s Field officer, shares. A grandmother to a handful of kids, and a guardian to many more, Bibi K has guided Cedar’s field officers and has supported them from coordinating parents meetings to preparing the tea, bananas and ‘mandazi’ (doughnuts) that the kids eat at the end of each club.

Her commitment shone most brightly when the “banda” was constructed. She made the banda’s floor plan with sticks on the ground, she helped dig the holes of where the poles were to be placed, she timbered the poles, and after it was done she measured the height of the structure with a machete pointing to the sky. She is invested. She is one of Cedar Tanzania’s Champions.