Health Class - Sanitation

“She just picked it up from the ground with a shovel and chucked it over her shoulder!” exclaimed Cedar Tanzania’s field officer, Kat. Earlier this week she had observed a Mother watch her child defecate onto the open ground outside the family’s homestead and then calmly dispose of her child’s faeces but only onto a different part of the open yard!

UNICEF have stated that, “Some 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have adequate toilets and among them 1 billion defecate in the open – in fields, bushes, or bodies of water – putting them, and especially children, in danger of deadly faecal-oral diseases like diarrhoea” (UNICEF media release NOV 2014

Our field officers Kat and Abduli discuss issues of hygienic toilet use, safe drinking water and safe food preparation with the children in Cedar's Saturday club, in fun-filled ways using art and sport.