Watch our first Cedar Foundation Tanzania Video

Partnership can present itself in a number of different ways. It can be for a lifetime, for a single project, for a day. No matter the length, it is still partnership, still valuable and vital in the achievement of life changing goals through the power of unity.

Take Mathilde and Antoine Pavillon for example. They are currently travelling around the world in a campervan! What an adventure! They stopped to see their friends Mark and Penny O’Sullivan whilst in Tanzania. They got inspired by the work we do here and decided to partner with us. How? They made Cedar Tanzania’s first documentary film of our journey so far.

It is our pleasure to share with you this short film which documents some of the achievements that we, together with our other partners and volunteers, have accomplished this past year. Thank you Mathilde and Antoine for your partnership.

Thank you too to our other partners Raising Voices, Solaris by Eternum, Msaasa, Sengerema district Council, Bugando Medical Centre, and the leadership of Kamanga Village. A big thank you also goes to our sponsors. With all your support, Cedar Tanzania is changing lives! 
Why don’t you contact us and find out ways that we can become partners!

And check out Mathilde and Antoine's newsletter of their extraordinary journey around the world.…