What's Yours?

                           What's your New Year's resolution?

                           What's your New Year's resolution?

It’s that time of year when most of us make New Year’s Resolutions, stop smoking, lose those extra pounds, and begin that new venture.

Well Cedar Tanzania is no different! But our New Year’s Resolutions will not be accomplished alone, for we believe in the power of partnership.

Here are our 2016 Resolutions for our work in the village of Kamanga:
1. Health – work in partnership with Sengerema District Council and the village community to start building ‘Nyamatongo Health Centre’. 
2. Women Empowerment – work in partnership with ‪#‎Raisingvoices‬Uganda to begin the first phase of SASA! called “Start”.
3. Entrepreneurship - work in partnership with ‪#‎Eternumenergy‬ to expand the presence of Solaris in Kamanga and to get more households hooked up to solar power and identify entrepreneurs within the village. We are so excited by this venture. Just watch this space!

How could you partner with us to help us achieve our resolutions?
Cedar Tanzania wishes you a very happy, successful and just a super duper 2016!