Breaking Ground

Julia Eskdale, our major sponsor, and Kara, a new member of Friends of Cedar Tanzania, were all smiles as they walked together with Mark O’Sullivan Director of Cedar Tanzania and the rest of the Cedar Team, towards the site where the construction of the Dispensary (phase one of the construction of the Nyamatongo Health Centre) was going to begin.

They were joined by a delegation from Sengerema District Council including the District Commissioner and the Chairman of Sengerema District Council. The construction company D.G Group was already on site, adorning fluorescent orange jackets and hardhats, clearing up the tall grass and priming the ground. But the construction crew had been spontaneously joined by some residents of Kamanga, eager to lend a hand. Many were now handling spades, hoes, and picks hacking the tall grass and preparing the ground for this special ceremony, our groundbreaking.

The crowd gathered, and the speeches began. Mark spoke very warmly about the partnership that had been forged between Cedar Tanzania and the District council and Kamanga village. The Kamanga chairman encouraged the residents to help Cedar and the construction company as much as they can in the following months.

The District Commissioner sincerely thanked Cedar Tanzania for fulfilling what they had promised. He mentioned how many organisations had come through Kamanga with lofty promises of bringing change, but Cedar Tanzania had been the first to stay and fulfill their promise. He humbly pointed out that the building of this Health centre had been mandated to the Council but had not been fulfilled, until now, in partnership with Cedar Tanzania.

After the speeches a line formed with many members of Sengerema District Council, Kamanga leadership, Cedar Tanzania and Switzerland representatives, the Manager of D.G Group and the architect John Wade.

Julia Eskdale’s orange construction jacket shone as bright as her smile as she and Mark, sharing a garden ho, broke the ground together with the rest of the party and once and for all announced the construction of the Nyamatongo Health Centre well and truly begun.