Mark O'Sullivan answers questions about the beginning of the Health Centre's construction.

1. Why does Kamanga need a health centre?
"Unfortunately the closest health centre is either a 40 minute ferry ride (ferries run to a schedule and do not run in the evening), or an hour’s ride away on a rickety dirt road, making it very difficult for someone with a medical condition to get to the nearest health facility in Sengerema."

2. How are you going to build the Kamanga Health Centre?
"The Centre will be built in three phases, lasting a number of years. Phase 1 will be the construction of the Dispensary, Phase 2 will be the Family Centre, phase 3 will the full health centre and community centre. We are happy to say we have secured funding for the first phase of the building."

3. What’s happening at the moment in the building project of the health centre?
"The centre has been designed by Msaada Architects. We have given these drawings to different building contractors and are waiting for them to give us quotes. We hope to break ground in September with special guests from Sengerema District Council, Switzerland and the people of Kamanga present for the Big Day."

4. When are you hoping to complete Phase 1 of the building?
"Spring of 2017."

5. What are you looking forward to the most about the completion of phase one?
"I’ll looking forward to the opening day of the dispensary, because then we can finally begin to bring much needed quality medical care to the people of Kamanga."

6. Name some of the challenges that you have had to deal with so far in this building project.
"Corruption and having patience to deal with how long things take to get done."

7. What’s keeping you going?
"Sully my dog always brings a smile to my face! But I also have a great team, a beautiful family, my faith and dedicated financial backers."

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