Poor Education in Kamanga schools

This child is in a class of over 80 other students. How can he hope to get what is rightfully his; a good education?

This is one of the challenges that Cedar Tanzania faces; sometimes change comes painfully slowly.

It would be great if instantly we could reduce the class size to an acceptable number, or if, with a click of our fingers, we could put in a trained teacher in to his classroom, who would engage him and foster within him a love for learning and a hunger to explore his own potential? Unfortunately, such instant changes are beyond our abilities.

And so, how can we help this little boy move from where he is now, to where we would like him to be? One way Cedar Tanzania hopes to help him, is by bringing small deliberate changes to his world.

Nyamatongo Primary school hosts two different schools within its building. One attends in the morning, the other in the afternoon.  The village has built another school a short distance away, in an attempt to address this problem. But its construction stalled, short of putting on its roof, due to lack of funds.

Cedar Tanzania have made a donation to the village leadership for the completion of this school’s construction. It is our hope that one of the schools, that currently shares Nyamatongo Primary school, will be able to move to this new building within the New Year.

But will this ensure that a trained, motivated teacher will be standing in front of this little guy’s class? Will his class be reduced to 30 students? In this short space of time, it is unlikely that he will see any of these changes. But it is our hope that through our Community Centre, we will be able to begin to give him a taste of the beauty of learning, by offering him literacy classes, computer and English classes and after school clubs. It is also Cedar Tanzania’s vision to eventually bring in teacher training to Nyamatongo ward.

We are confident that these small but deliberate changes will eventually impact his world.

Are you a teacher? Want to volunteer? Contact us on infotz@cedarfoundation.org, or visit us www.cedartanzania.org and let’s see what small, deliberate changes we can make together?