And they keep on coming!

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Camille Terrier. I am a French lawyer who has practiced criminal law in Paris, France. I love travelling which is why I decided to visit Tanzania, but not just to see the beautiful sights that it has to offer but to also lend a hand in any way that I can. 

1. What inspired you to volunteer with Cedar Tanzania?  

  I find the projects that Cedar is working on very interesting. I also admire the way that they researched and found out which areas they could have a real impact. They didn’t just decide that they wanted to be involved in Education for example, without first ensuring that the Kamangan population really needed help in this area.  

2. How long is your volunteer placement?

  6 weeks. The end comes too quickly! 

3. What is your role at Cedar Tanzania?

  I am currently helping with the reviewing and amendment of Cedar policies. But unfortunately I won’t have time to see this work to completion.   I have also been involved in organizing the Cedar Run, where some of the participants in the Rock City Marathon raised funds for Cedar Tanzania. 

4. What things have you found surprising?

  The size of the team compared to all the work they have done, and the missions they want to yet achieve. 

5. What things have you enjoyed? 

  The great spirit of the team, the warm welcome of everyone, having fun while working, discovering Tanzanian law! I am also working closely with Claire (Cedar’s Operations and Funding Manager) and she has been very helpful. 

6. What things have challenged you so far?

  The fact that I have to study Tanzanian law in English, while I am a French lawyer who has only practiced in France!  

7. What would you say to anyone who said that they could not volunteer because they didn't have a skill to offer?

  Well if you have a skill to offer then that’s great! But you don’t really need to have one. The most important thing is to be motivated and involved. If you want to help the organisation as a whole, or a particular project or an individual in that project, then you will be helpful, even if it’s challenging. 

8. Would you recommend this volunteer scheme to others?

  Yes, definitely!