Everything is coming together nicely

We are so excited to show you how much the construction of the first phase of the Health Centre has progressed over these last few months. The roofs are now on at the four duplex medical staff houses and the builders have even started plastering and painting these houses too. The Health Centre building is also taking shape and is currently being cemented. This week we'll see the roof begin to be laid on it. Things are coming along nicely.

With the success of the Cedar Charity Ball under our belts we are now in the process of working together with Project Cure in order to receive medical equipment to furbish the Kamanga village Health Centre.

But why build a health centre in the middle of a village?  There are approximately over 30,000 people living in Nyamatongo ward. Kamanga village is one of four villages that make up this ward. And there is no health facility in the ward that can meet their medical  needs.         

According to The United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) report (“Global evidence on inequities in rural health protection” April 2015),  56 per cent of people living in rural areas worldwide still do not have access to critical healthcare, the worst instances being in Africa where 83 per cent of rural inhabitants are uncovered.

Isabel Ortiz, Director of the ILO’s Social Protection Department, adds that this shows, ‘…that investing in rural health, as part of a national health system, is affordable and yields significant economic and social returns.” We share the ILO’s view. Nyamatongo ward is a low income rural area where the presence of a health centre would overwhelmingly benefit hundreds of households. Find out more here about how you can be part of this life changing work.