Kamanga Health Centre is now open!

The sun came out to celebrate with the people of Kamanga on this momentous day. A day when Kamanga Health Centre would finally open its doors. Regional Commissioner Mr Mongella, the guest of honour, together with special guest Chris Eskdale from The Friends of Cedar Tanzania, and Mark O’Sullivan Director of Cedar Tanzania cut the ribbon and declared Kamanga Health Centre opened!

A tour of the facility followed and the special guests and sponsors were able to see with their own eyes the doctors’ rooms, the treatment and delivery rooms, the laboratory and pharmacy.

The grounds were teeming with guests and the sounds of singing and dancing from the village’s musical group filled the air. This indeed was a day to celebrate.

Since the last general election it has been a Government health policy, for every Ward in Tanzania to have its own public health centre. It has been a great honour for Cedar Tanzania to work in partnership with the Government in helping them fulfill this objective and provide care for over 25,000 people in the Nyamatongo Ward.

Cedar Tanzania would like to thank all its sponsors and funders for their support. We couldn’t have done it without you!