Kamanga Health Centre receives an honoured guest

Ms.Ummy Mwalimu Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, honoured Kamanga Health Centre with a visit, on the 26th of January, one day after KHC opened its doors to patients. She was accompanied by Mwanza's Regional Commissioner Mr. V.K Mongella as well as top officials from Sengerema District Council. 

Mark O'Sullivan, the Director of Cedar Tanzania and Paulina Urassa, the Manager of Kamanga Health Centre, showed the Minister the beautiful brand new buildings and grounds.

"This is good,' said the Minister of Health, "It's really good!" she exclaimed again, as she saw the labour and delivery rooms of the Health Centre.

Mark O'Sullivan was able to share Cedar Tanzania's plans to develop the Health Centre into a hospital. The Minister reassured O'Sullivan that moving forward both Sengerema District Council and Cedar Tanzania would continue to follow the model of Public-Private Partnership, with both parties contributing equally to the phase 2 of any future construction.

We look forward to continuing our work together with Sengerema District Council and the Tanzanian Government in our Public-Private Partnership. There is a lot to still accomplish together in the Nyamatongo Ward but the future is looking bright!