How do you wash your hands?

Paulina Urassa, Kamanga Health Centre Manager shares about Cedar Tanzania’s participation in Global hand washing day!

‘Global hand washing day was celebrated on October 15th. Initiated by The Global Hand Washing Partnership in 2008, the Global Hand Washing Day raises awareness of the benefits of good hand washing habits: Using clean water and soap reduces the risk of getting diarrhea and respiratory infections by up to 50 %.

Cedar Tanzania’s volunteer Jasmine, took on the task of preparing the Kamangan community for global hand washing day.  She was able to train the community health workers and arrange key locations in Kamanga where they were to provide proper hand washing instructions to the villagers. Jasmine also arranged for the availability of soaps, clean water and buckets attached with taps to be at the selected locations. Kamanga Health Centre was one such location. Cedar Tanzania’s volunteer Doctor Colinda and myself supported the community health workers at the health centre, as they demonstrated the proper procedures of hand washing to visiting patients.

Approximately 320 community members were reached and all were encouraged to spread the word regarding the proper hand washing procedures that they had learned on that day.’