Thank you

Mark O’Sullivan, Country Director of Cedar Tanzania, shares his thoughts about the success of the Swiss 2018 Gala, which was held on the 6th of October and which raised an amazing $60,000 for Cedar Tanzania projects.

‘The thing I loved the most about the Swiss 2018 Gala was getting the chance to meet people thousands of kilometers away from Tanzania who are interested in and supportive of our work. It was great to meet people who lead very busy lives but yet care about what’s happening with those less fortunate than themselves. And I really enjoyed the conversations I was able to have in Switzerland about our work in Tanzania.

On the night of the gala, I was encouraged to see people giving so much. They gave by bidding for the various auction items and they also gave directly to the different projects Cedar Tanzania runs.

I have always believed that people are hungry to give; they just want to be confident that their hard earned money is going to go where they want it to go, and that it will actually make a difference. I think the supporters of Cedar Tanzania are confident that this will be the case with their donations.

To all those that gave so generously, I want to say thank you for your support! We cannot do what we do unless people like you give their precious time and hard earned money.  We will ensure that your money produces results on the ground and in the projects we operate.

At next year’s Gala, I’m looking forward to showing people the continuing progress Cedar Tanzania is hoping to make and the difference that donors’ support would have contributed to the success of each of our projects.

I want to give more people the chance to join our worldwide team of transforming people’s lives and communities here in Tanzania. This can be done by giving financially or by volunteering knowledge and skills. Whichever one you choose to give, please consider doing so now. Contact us. And thank you once again!’

Thank you for supporting The Cedar Foundation Tanzania. Watch and see what we have been able to achieve together this year.