Get tested. Know your status. Live.

On the 1st of December 2018 red ribbons donned the lapels of every team member from Cedar Tanzania and every special guest from Sengerema District Council. The beautiful grounds of Kamanga Health Centre also teamed with people from the community who came to hear talks about how getting tested for HIV/AIDS and knowing ones status could save ones life!

One of the most powerful events that took place during the celebrations, was the testimony of two mature gentlemen who had been living with HIV for over a decade. Their testimonies spoke of how they got tested and started taking medication that helped manage the HIV virus. Getting tested, and knowing their HIV status had helped save their lives.

Cedar Tanzania celebrated World Aids Day with fun filled activities too including tug of war games, egg and spoon races and the traditional game in Kamanga ‘catch the chicken’. But amongst all the fun and laughter serious issues surrounding the importance of individuals getting tested for HIV/AIDS and knowing their status was of paramount importance. Hence two tents were set up, one for Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) and the other for Care and Treatment (CTC).   

Cedar Tanzania is proud to say that over 500 people were tested and found out their HIV status at its Word Aids Day event. The presence of Kamanga Health Centre in the community will enable those with positive results to receive the proper follow up care that they will need in order to live a long life, even with a positive HIV status.  Get tested. Know your status. Live.