A CBR Success story: the tricycle

Ms. KEFLEN SOGORA, is 30 Years old. Her hands had begun to ache quite painfully from the pressure of trying to maneuver the broken tricycle. The disabled mother of two, who lives in Mkolani village with her second husband, said ‘Hii baiskel ndo ilikuwa miguu yangu,’ that is, ‘the tricycle had been my legs!’

Her first husband had left her to look after herself and her two small children. But her neighbours rallied to her aid and gave her support whenever she needed it. She obtained the donated tricycle through Cedar Tanzania's partners CHAWATA, the local advocacy group for people with disabilities. And with it she was able to earn herself a modest living by distributing drinks that she made at her home, to the local community. 

With the aid of her tricycle, Keflen was also able to take part in community events, both happy and sad; weddings and funerals and she was a regular attendee of village meetings. But then the cogs and chains of the tricycle began to lock together and it became harder and harder for Keflen to maneuver it; so much so that in the end she stopped using it. All of a sudden her involvement in community activities came to an end. She said, ‘Tangu imeharibika nimekuwa mtu wa nyumbani tu!’ that is ‘When the tricycle broke I became home bound,’ because she simply could not afford to get it repaired.

The Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) team got to hear of Keflen’s plight. They were amazed at how much she had been part of the community, and how since her immobility she had not been able to earn as much money for her family. The CBR team decided to pay for the expenses of having Keflen’s tricycle repaired.  It was taken to a local bicycle repair shop to be serviced. 

Her Smile says it all.

Keflen has got her 'legs' back. "May God bless you all as you continue serving this community!" she says. Keflen is hopeful for the future and is looking forward to resuming her business and to being part of community activities once again. 

The Community Based Rehabilitation program continues to function on the donations of our partners Interteam.

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