Kamanga Health Centre and Maternal Health

Marie Stopes Tanzania is the country’s largest specialised sexual and reproductive health and family planning organisation. They deliver,  ‘…approximately 33% of contraception in Tanzania, and focus on reaching under-served women who are predominantly young, living in poverty, residing in hard-to-reach rural locations and urban slums - or a combination of all three.’

On Wednesday 22nd August 2018 Marie Stopes visited Kamanga Health Centre. Here Paulina Urassa, Kamanga Health Centre Manager, tells us more about this very exciting visit;

‘Maria stopes has built a partnership with our facility through the health department of our mutual partner Sengerema District Council. The Kamanga Health Centre’s RCH  staff and members of the Kamangan community (who were mostly women), took part in this information day.

Marie Stopes shared information on issues regarding family planning. They offered family planning education on different family planning methods including the pros and cons of each method and they offered the services to those who were ready to begin, that very day, using a family planning method of their choice.  Marie Stopes were also able to rectify some of the false beliefs that the community members had regarding the use of family planning methods.

Our patients benefited a lot from Marie Stopes’ clear instructions. My hope is that they will be able to share with other women in the community what they learned about the different methods of family planning, about how to raise their children in healthier ways, about the importance of maternal health and also about the economic benefits that family planning could have on the entire family.

I look forward to Kamanga Health Centre and Marie Stopes’ continuing collaboration in the future, in serving the Nyamatongo ward on maternal health matters, especially as one of the Government priorities is to educate communities, particularly in rural areas, about family planning and maternal health.  Marie Stopes are such a strong health partner in this country. I believe that together and with other interested health partners, we can serve our community in both educating and providing quality health care services.’

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