One of the things that struck me the most when we were doing our survey of Kamanga was the number of reports from villagers about heavily pregnant women dying because they couldn’t get to the nearest health centre quickly enough. The nearest health facility is either an hour’s motorbike ride on a dirt road or a forty minute to an hour’s ferry journey across the lake, although this is not an option at night. The fact that we are working with the people of Kamanga to bring a sustainable health centre to their area makes me very happy indeed!
— Mark O'Sullivan, Cedar Tanzania Country Director
                                                                       Mark O'Sullivan                      The Cedar Foundation Tanzania Country Director

                                                                       Mark O'Sullivan

                    The Cedar Foundation Tanzania Country Director

The Cedar Foundation Tanzania, in partnership with Sengerema District Council, opened Kamanga Health Centre on the 18th of January 2018. This equipped and staffed, Big Result Now Accredited healthcare facility, offers medical treatment and medication to residents of Kamanga and neighbouring villages in the Nyamatongo ward. 

         Watch the opening of Kamanga Health Centre

Special visit to Kamanga Health Centre by Health Minister Mrs. Mwalimu and Regional Commissioner Mr. Mongella, with the Country Director of Cedar Foundation Tanzania, Mark O’Sullivan

     On the 25th January 2018 Kamanga Health Centre             welcomed its first patient! 

Health encompasses a broad spectrum of issues linked to heredity, environmental influences and lifestyle choices. The needs outlined on the HEALTH page and the OVERVIEW OF KAMANGA page, are at the heart of The Cedar Foundation’s decision to build a Health Centre in Kamanga.

This Health Centre plays a crucial part in increasing the accessibility and raising the standard of healthcare in Kamanga, and offers a range of key healthcare services including:

 ·         Staffed and equipped health care facility

·       Outpatients department including a treatment and injections room

·       Reproductive and Child Health service

·       Maternal health service including a labour room

·       Observation/ in-patient ward

·       Pharmacy

·       Laboratory

·       Smaller 'safe space' for private consultations

·       HIV services (counselling, testing and treatment)

·       Sports field   

·       Bathing and Washing areas

FUTURE PHASES of Kamanga Health Centre construction will include:

  • Family Centre (18 beds)
  • Surgery Department
  • Inpatient Wards (26 beds)
  • Expansion of outpatient services
  • Enlarged laboratory
  • Enlarged pharmacy
  • Enlarged administration offices
  • Mortuary
  • X-ray
  • ENT
  • Patient and family canteen

This second Phase of Kamanga Health Centre will host a number of rooms and spaces that will be used to deliver different health and community related projects which will address different aspects of WaSH (Water/Sanitation/Hygiene) education and offer Mother and Baby Support Groups.

The construction of future Phases is dependent on funding. Partner with us to ensure that the future phases of construction are realised.

PHASE I Construction of Kamanga Health Centre


Watch our groundbreaking!

Watch how the Health Centre construction took shape!