In Partnership with the people of Kamanga Village, Tanzania

Our strength comes through partnering with other pioneering organizations on the ground in Tanzania

 With their specific expertise, we are able to bring more focus and experience to each of our projects


IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Bamboo rock drilling

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Bamboo Rock Drilling is a mining exploration company based in South Africa.  It has been a great supporter of Cedar Tanzania’s projects since 2017. We are grateful for their immense support and look forward to a continued strong partnership.


INTERTEAM are a Swiss based organization whose moto ‘Sharing knowledge - Alleviate poverty’ has guided them to fight for better living conditions in poverty-stricken countries, since 1964.

At the heart of their commitment is the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience to partner organizations, like us Cedar Tanzania.  To this end, INTERTEAM organises work assignments for qualified Swiss professionals who carry out development work in Africa or Latin America for at least three years.


We worked with architect and construction expert, MSAADA Architects since 2015 to create, refine and execute the plans for the construction of Kamanga Health Centre. MSAADA has over 30 years experience planning, designing and implementing building projects often in the developing world, including Tanzania, and have completed a number of health facility projects in the Sengerema district. 

In Partnership with Project Cure

Project C.U.R.E. or the Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment is a long standing American charity that collects and then distributes medical equipment to organisation in developing nations across the world.

We successfully applied for a container of equipment, worth approximately $300,000 to be used in Kamanga Health Centre.  We independently raised enough money and had the container shipped to us in Mwanza. The container provided by Project C.U.R.E. helped us in our goal to deliver excellent healthcare to the entire Nyamatongo Ward.


RAISING VOICES is an NGO based in Uganda. We have been partners with them since 2015. They 'envision relationships, families and communities where each voice is heard, each right respected and where each member can live free from violence.' Through their SASA! initiavive, Raising Voices gets along side communities to explore the issues of power imbalance between men and women, as a key driver of violence against women and girls. 

The Cedar Tanzania SASA! team work in the village of Kamanga, together with 20 motivated village members, who have been trained in the SASA! methodology to become Community Activists. The CAs will be facilitating discussions in the local community, which explore power – what it is, who has it, how it is used, how it is abused and how power dynamics between women and men can change for the better. 


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Sandvik  is a rock and mining technology company that  is based in Sweden.  Sandvik Mining Tanzania has supported Cedar Tanzania’s work since 2017. In December 2018 it donated ten computers to Cedar Tanzania’s Education program. Cedar Tanzania values their support and looks forward to further collaborations.  


We have been working tirelessly in partnership with Sengerema District Council to bring the KAMANGA HEALTH CENTRE to the Nyamatongo Ward. The Council Health Management Team (CHMT) in particular has been invaluable in contributing their expertise to help us design the building appropriately and in providing medicine and staff for Kamanga Health Centre. The community and village leadership have been equally supportive and together we have succeeded in bringing high quality health care to the people of Kamanga and Nyamatongo Ward, since the opening of Kamanga Health Centre in January 2018.


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company is a Japanese pharmaceuticals company with a large operation in Switzerland. Takeda’s corporate citizenship programme specifically caters to organisations, such as ourselves with a focus on providing quality healthcare in the developing world.

We are working with Takeda to utilise their extensive experience and expertise in healthcare delivery. We are currently taking our first steps in our partnership with Takeda and are moving in a promising direction towards being accepted onto their corporate citizenship programme. 


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