We help communities help themselves in fields ranging from health and education to the empowerment of women and entrepreneurship

In September of 2014, we extensively surveyed the village of Kamanga to find out about its strengths, weaknesses and the challenges people face there. 

The study concluded that there are no health facilities, gender based inequality and violence is prevalent, educational instruction and attainment is poor, markets for entrepreneurship are unreliable and access to clean water and basic hygiene is unsatisfactory.

We do not believe that an issue can be tackled in isolation and embrace a collaborative approach

THE people of kamanga urgently need:

  1. Healthcare services, such as a dispensary/health centre or hospital.
  2. Improved educational facilities, including completion of the construction of Mtakuja primary school and another primary school at Chemagati.
  3. Empowerment of women
  4. Support for entrepreneurship, including training, capital and modern tools for agriculture and fishing.