Our history and approach

 The Cedar Foundation Tanzania (www.cedartanzania.org) builds on the work achieved by The Cedar Foundation in Bulgaria (www.cedarfoundation.org), where, since 2005, it led the process of closing down inappropriate orphanages for severely disabled children and young adults and replacing them with family-type accommodation in a community setting. The organisation also supported day care services for children with special needs and worked with local municipalities to train staff to the highest professional standards.

 Having registered as an international charity and completed projects in Bulgaria, the foundation registered as a not-for-profit company in Tanzania in 2014 (Company number 111373, TIN 125-320-783) to support communities to develop long-term, sustainable solutions to a range of issues.



Our vision

We envisage Tanzanian communities that are thriving, free from suffering and injustice.

Our mission 

We partner with communities to improve health and education and to promote equality and life prospects.



Our Values 

We are an innovative organisation that believes in the following values: 

Respect for our colleagues, for the communities we work in and for our environment, believing that everyone has something to contribute. 

Safety – people’s right to be safe, to live a life free from violence and to have access to healthcare. 

Equality, where everyone enjoys the same rights and has access to opportunities to fulfill their potential. 

Partnerships with people, communities and other organisations to facilitate holistic, innovative solution and high quality results. 

Forgiveness for all, believing that people should not be judged on past actions and that we have a right to be given a new start. 

Integrity, where we work with openness and honesty and apply our values to all facets of our work.