We partner with communities to help them thrive and alleviate suffering and injustice

Our mission is to help communities help themselves across multiple sectors ranging from health and education to the empowerment of women and entrepreneurship. We do not believe that an issue can be tackled in isolation and we embrace collaboration. We believe that the community should be empowered from the bottom-up in order to bring about sustainable, lasting change. 

Watch an update of the work Cedar Tanzania has accomplished over the past year with an honest look, by Country director Mark O'Sullivan, at the challenges of bringing quality medical care to Tanzania.

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Educating young people about sexual health and the prevention of HIV/AIDS by using the beautiful game of football.

Watch how Neema, a Clinical Officer from Kamanga Health Centre, ventures into the remotest part of Nyamatongo ward, to deliver health care to people with disabilities.

Watch the Opening Ceremony of Kamanga Health Centre

 News From the Field

We believe everybody belongs and deserves love and respect, and that anyone can have a new start in communities where people can live a full life, free from fear, and with the hope of reaching their full potential.
— Mark O'Sullivan, Country Director, The Cedar Foundation Tanzania