When asked about opportunities for entrepreneurship respondents reported that there is a limited amount of small scale entrepreneurship in Kamanga. The main barriers to business development are lack of capital and entrepreneurial skills.
— Bugando Survey Report on Kamanga Village, 2015

current Income generating examples in Kamanga village



The Cedar Foundation Tanzania recognises the importance of linking projects together in order to benefit the whole individual. Health, Education, Community Empowerment and Entrepreneurship we feel must work harmoniously together in order to empower community members to reach their full potential. It is therefore Cedar Tanzania's vision to increase access to employment opportunities in Nyamatongo Ward and to provide training and business development initiatives, which will lead to a more diverse and active labour market in this region of Tanzania.


A Successful Entrepreneurial Story

Together with Eternum Energy, we have brought light to Kamangan households. The Solaris Initiative specialises in empowering village entrepreneurs with technology and business solutions, which allow them to generate revenue whilst serving their community.

Eternum Energy's expertise, combined with our in depth knowledge of the Kamangan community, resulted in the successful installation of ten solar power appliances in the village.

The expansion of this project to the rest of the Nyamatongo ward, in the future, is to be revisited.


Partner with us

If you are an organization that focuses on offering communities entrepreneurial opportunities, then we are ready to hear from you. Join us in bringing job training and business development into the Nyamatongo area. Drop us an email infotz@cedarfoundation.org