According to respondents, historically, the women of Kamanga have not enjoyed equal status with men. As in other African communities the women are expected to take on the responsibility of caring for the whole family, ensuring that everyone has enough food, chop firewood, fetch water ... and in addition are expected to contribute to the family income.
— Kamanga Baseline Survey, 2015


RAISING VOICES is an NGO based in Uganda. We have been partners with them since 2015. They envision relationships, families and communities in which each voice is heard, each right respected and where each member can live free from violence.

Through their SASA! initiative, Raising Voices gets along side communities to explore the issues of power imbalance between men and women, as a key driver of Violence Against Women and Girls.


Raising Voices and Cedar Tanzania are aware that sustainable change has to begin from the inside out. And that is why the Cedar Tanzania SASA! team are working together with 20 motivated Kamanga village members, who have been trained in the SASA! methodology to become Community Activists.

Cedar Tanzania Field Team training Kamanga Community Activists in SASA! 

These Community Activists will be facilitating discussions in the local community, which explore power – what it is, who has it, how it is used, how it is abused and how power dynamics between women and men can change for the better