Health practitioners refer to Community hygiene as a preventive measure for many diseases, emphasizing that some diseases can be prevented simply by the community being aware of and adhering to hygienic principles.

The Cedar Foundation Tanzania ‘Clean Kamanga Project’ aims to offer up solutions to improving the sanitation and hygiene of Kamanga village in the Nyamatongo ward by introducing preventive measures that we hope, will reduce the amount of people catching diseases as a result of their unclean environment.

Cedar Tanzania aims to implement the ‘Clean Kamanga Project’  in all 5 hamlets of Kamanga village and depending on the availability of resources, hopes to up scale the project to the other villages in the Nyamatomgo ward, and hopefully even implement it in Sengerema town.

Cedar Tanzania also hopes to connect the project to existing structures, by partnering with Sengerema District Council. Their role will be to design the training materials, communication strategies and campaigns for better litter collection and litter disposal in the village of Kamanga, where at the moment litter is strewn around in piles and is burnt out in the open.

The Kamanga village leadership will be involved in making key decisions including choosing appropriate options for implementing the project activities; options which will guarantee sustainability of the project once external funding comes to an end.

In connection with improving peoples’ accessibility to clean and safe water, Cedar Tanzania is currently holding discussions with Bomba Maji, an organization which is highly experienced in identifying, designing and implementing safe water projects. There is every sign that the discussions will yield positive results and in the near future (through public, private partnership) we hope that the people in Kamanga will start witnessing practical changes, with the presence of water pipes being introduced, to deliver clean and safe water in the village, something that they do not have at this present time.

Furthermore, Cedar Tanzania is in the process of negotiating the construction of a waste recycling machine in Kamanga village. This is in partnership with a university project focused on designing and producing plastic recycling machines. It is hoped that community members will be trained in using this recycling machine and will gain invaluable skills. They will also be encouraged to market the products which result from the recycled plastic.

The aim of the waste management project is to improve the well-being of the people in Kamanga, by implementing initiatives which address health risk issues arising from living in an environment where household waste is poorly disposed off and from the direct use of untreated lake water. Through the recycling project, we hope to also build up the community’s entrepreneurial skills as well.

Project outcomes

The Cedar Foundation’s overarching outcome framework operates in four major priority sectors; Health, Education, Community Empowerment and Entreprenualism. Therefore, this project is expected to bear outcomes in these priority areas as indicated in the matrix below;